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History: History

Makro is part of the Dutch SHV Group (Steenkolen Handels-Vereeniging), foudend in 1896. The SHV Group nowadays is a holding of various companies with different missions and activities.

Makro is a leading company in the Cash and Carry Wholesale business operating in Asia and in South America with stores in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. Its services are directed to professional customers and aim to offer quality products at low prices.

Makro Worldwide:

  • 1968: Makro initiates its activities in Amsterdam (Holland) witj a Cash and Carry concept;
  • 1972: Makro in Brazil – The Makro concept was introduced sucessfully for the first time in South America, in Brazil;
  • 1988: Makro in Argentina – Opening of the first store in Olivos, Buenos Aires province;
  • 1992: Makro in Venezuela – Opening from its first store in La Urbina, Caracas;
  • 1995: Makro in Colombia – Makro opens the doors from first store in Cumara to the customers in Bogota;
  • 1998: Opening of the regional Head Office in São paulo Brazil to give support to the South Ametrican region;
  • 2009: Makro in Peru – On the 14th of July 2009, Makro inaugurates its first store in the Independência district in Lima, initiating the process of expansion of the company in this country.

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